Huletts Landing Homes for Sale on Lake George Lakefront Properties and Real Estate

Huletts Landing

The serene mid-lake community of Huletts Landing encompasses a three mile stretch of pristine Lake George shoreline about half way up the lake (16 miles of its 32 mile length) in the Northern Basin where 360 families nest in or upon its many quiet bays and points. To its north and south, the lands are deeded forever wild. It is a true community of families and households which has evolved into a uniquely warm and welcoming spot for all ages with a comforting diversity existing in its population, atmosphere and activities. To the north is Bluff Head and to the south lies Lands End, within who’s mid-section and bounds are numerous neighborhood bays and home clusters, all of which surround “The Landing” itself, at its heart, where the early steamers did in fact dock regularly as they, for a time, comprised the all but sole transportation and access to for the many summer inhabitants dating back into the 1800’s and continuing forward through the 1920’s. These boats made regular stops at the Huletts pier daily through the 1960’s when sadly the demand dwindled. Also known as Downtown Huletts, The Landing encompasses a Post Office, (a local gathering spot), ice cream parlor, a Tavern with some nice menu items right there on the landing, golf course, marina with store and gift shop, three beach parks both public and private. A laid-back community where all come to relax and enjoy the Lake’s beauty, there is conversely, a goodly amount of small fun a activity formal and informal in an innate atmosphere of camaraderie. About 20 families have anchored at Huletts as a permanent home spot, either from its Native American or original settlers, finding it to be a safe, friendly and beauteous location. Though somewhat pridefully remote, its actual accessibility to the surrounding world is easily tapped.

At Huletts Landing lake activities abound, with nearby islands to which to paddle a kayak or canoe for a picnic or exploration. (rentals available) A consistent southwest wind affords excellent sailing for all size craft, and an occasional community race may occur too. There is no shortage of activity with local small golf course, free tennis, a quiet day at the library, all enhanced only by waterfront activities of course. There are two historic churches, some cultural events like lectures and concerts, a hike to the ice cream parlor, visit the marina store with a boat launch, and a tavern with a dinner menu to tempt you as well.

Taking a day trip can land you at historic Saratoga Raceway, The Adirondack Museum, Fort Ticonderoga, or any of the several nearby fine ranking golf courses. On an overcast day, explore the local, and remarkably good Skeensboro Museum in Whitehall or The Slate Valley Museum in Granville. Nearby villages have a goodly number of small but fun and tasty restaurants. It will be a 45 minute drive by land to the Greater Lake George Village commercial recreational area for family activities if desired.

At Huletts, a lack of traffic on land and on the water in the quieter bays affords ideal walking and jogging, or skiing, boarding and tubing conditions. Swimmers can find sandy beaches or opt for the crystal clear deeper waters from docks and islands. Hiking and biking are popular, with three mountains as a backdrop; and in selected areas, motorized vehicles are usable in three seasons, not to mention the winter months hosting endless snowmobile trails or long runs over the solidly frozen lake surface in mid winter just off shore at Huletts.

For the historian, the various points of land and nearby islands once hosted native inhabitants and various military encampments which were strategic in the revolutionary periods of our country’s history and development. This rich heritage can be experienced and enhanced by various tours, and often local lectures address art and history relevant to the Lake George area, and expanded to encompass the just over the border locations in nearby Vermont which are reachable by land routes or by several fun Lake Champlain ferries.

Huletts Landing Homes for Sale on Lake George Lakefront Properties and Real Estate